Christopher Jackson

Chris is interested in the research and implementation of new clean energy sources, as well as the public policy that supports that work. He is also interested in developing ways to better communicate scientific evidence to both policymakers and the public.

Erin Sullivan

Erin shoots lasers at molecules to examine reaction dynamics of fundamental chemical processes. One challenge she is keen to address throughout her career is the prospect of communicating the importance of the scientific process to non-scientists and policy makers in order to broaden society’s appreciation of scientific work as a necessary consideration in decision-making.

Vetri Velan

Vetri is a PhD candidate in Physics, studying the use of liquid noble elements (helium and xenon) for detection of dark matter. He is interested in how policy at all levels can be used to support scientific research, including through funding, educational structures, and ensuring that institutions are welcoming to scientists from all backgrounds.

QinQin Yu

QinQin is a physics graduate student who is working on interdisciplinary problems in microbial evolution and ecology. Her research applies quantitative approaches to understanding bacterial antibiotic resistance evolution in biofilms. She also has a strong interest in international development and spent one year working on improving hands-on science labs in Rwanda.